J Test

JTEST is a test of Practical Japanese for Foreigners, and is held five times a year. You can sit the test as close as Sendai, and the application fee is around 3,200 yen.
Whilst not as well known as the Japanese Proficiency Test or JETRO, certain grades gained in JTEST correspond to certain levels on the JPT.
Levels: A to F (A is highest, F is equivalent of Japanese Proficiency Test Level 4)
Content: Listening Comprehension (45 min), Reading Comprehension (70 min)

Pass mark:
Levels A-D (1000pts maximum)
Level A = 900pts, Pre-Level-A = 850pts, Level B = 800pts,
Pre-Level-B = 700pts, Level C = 600pts, Level D = 500pts
Levels E-F (500pts maximum)
Level E = 350pts, Level F = 250pts

For further information or an application form, contact:
J. Test Nikken Jimukyoku/Nihongo Kentai Kyoukai at Tel: 03-3368-8106, fax 03-3368-8107
Or refer to their website: http://j-test.jp/xp/modules/tinyd10/content/index.php?id=11